Saturday, January 31, 2009

Went to see The Buzzcocks at The Brook on Wednesday. Sound was crap, bit of a wall of noise, but still good to hear all those old songs again. Moving Away From The Pulsebeat was the standout. I went with Richard Harfield, Tina and Jacks & Dave Price (old friends from Brussels). Dave was at Bolton college with Pete Shelley and used to share a flat with him - this was the first time he'd seen Pete since 1976 so after the gig we went backstage (actually upstairs) so Dave and Pete could catch up. Much as I'd have loved to stay and make a rock'n'roll night of it, Tina was knackered and we had Petra babysitting for us, so we left before I had a chance to meet the mighty man himself and tell him my story...

about the night - 28 October 1977 - when I went to see The Fall supporting Magazine in Manchester. I remember seeing all these people with badges saying "Buzzcocks" but had no idea what "Buzzcocks" meant. I also thought The Fall were brilliant (and have followed them ever since, buying Bingo Master's Breakout as soon as it was released) but remember telling people I thought they should get a new singer. Ho hum, my past needs some airbrushing methinks.

Anyway that got me wondering - having just looked that date up on the a Fall website - what I was doing in Manchester that day considering I'd left University in the summer. Well I know I also saw a brilliant Clash gig around that time and it turns out that the Clash played the Apollo the following day. So I must have gone up for the weekend and seen two classic gigs. Oddly I seem to remember a friend Vivienne Shields recommending the Magazine concert. (Only just remembered her surname - at least I think that's it - weird that it should lodge in my sieve like memory).