Thursday, August 31, 2006

Eleanor is now nearly two weeks old. Matthew seems fine with the new baby, no signs of jealousy at all. The thing about Mattie is that his whole world revolves around having fun and playing with toys. He's never been particularly clingy, he'd much rather been on the floor playing with something than having a cuddle. Eleanor is just another interesting thing in his interesting world, something else to gawk at and play with. He's quite sweet actually, he always wants to hold her hand or give her a kiss. He doesn't mind in the slightest that she's in the arms of his mum so much because he's too busy.

Which is not to say he hasn't been naughty, he's always pushing the boundaries these days, just no more than usual. Yesterday morning we had a horrendous start to the day. Tina had been up much of the night feeding Eleanor and then Mattie woke up at 5.30. Must have been a bad dream or something because he was beside himself and wanted to come into our bed. Now this is one of Tina's absolute no-no's and she's right that there's no way we'd all settle and sleep - in the past Mattie will just start bouncing around. So we tried and tried to comfort him and get him to go back to his own bed. Eventually resorted to shutting him in but his screams and sobbing wore us down and I ended up getting up with him at 7.30.

Today he was better, stayed in bed until I went in at 7.30 but we still had three time-outs before I took him to nursery. Once when he threw his cup on the floor at breakfast. (He's always throwing food on the floor at the moment. Not in a bad tempered way, in fact he looks angelic and smiling after he's done it. But he knows it winds us up. I think he's experimenting :) Once when he refused to open his mouth to have his teeth brushed. (Again he has such a knowing look, it's all deliberate). And once when he threw a cassette box with the baby around. This latter preceded by him saying "don't throw!".

So anyway Mattie is certainly still getting plenty of attention. You do worry having two that you will no longer be able to devote so much time to either one and it's certainly true that our world doesn't revolve around Eleanor in quite the same way it did when Mattie first arrived. Partly because you're more relaxed second time around and partly because Mattie is like a whirlwind and just demands his slice of the pie. (It will be interesting to see how relaxed he is when Ellie is old enough to start playing with his toys!) That's the first time I've called her Ellie. Tina calls her Flossy for some reason.

Anyway, she's just started crying and Tina's having a sleep, so here are some pics from a few days ago:


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