Monday, February 19, 2007

Mattie's current obsession is with cars. Over and over he keeps asking if he can "drive the car". Yesterday he wanted to drive the "white car" (ie our black Punto). I said to Tina "right, I'm just taking him out for ten minutes to get it out of his system". Big mistake. So we sat in the car, him in the driving seat and of course he loved it, pressing every knob or switch he could get his hands on. I coaxed him back indoors eventually but then he just started up again and this time we got major tantrums.

This morning he's been driving (ha) Tina nuts. She took him to the ball park at the leisure centre but he won't stay in it. There's a toy car round the corner that he keeps wanting to go on. One time it was unplugged so he plugged it in himself (saw me do it once I'm afraid). This time he raced into the coffee bar and asked the woman behind the till for some money for it!

Eleanor is six months old today. We went swimming on Saturday, the four of us. This was Eleanor's first time. I think she will be a water baby, she showed no fear - Tina even ducked her under (unlike her woossy brother who wouldn't even jump in without me holding his hands!)


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