Friday, April 06, 2007

Busy week last week, we went up to London for the first time on the Monday, drove up to Richmond and then got Underground Ernie to South Kensington and the museums. I thought Mattie would now be old enough to start to appreciate things like stuffed Dodos in the Natural History Musem but that kind of thing doesn't interest him. He kept saying "I want to see the dinosaurs" even as we walked past the dinosaurs because of course the skeletons don't look much like the real things he sees on programs such as Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. Until that is we got to the life size model of Tyrannosaurus Rex which absolutely terrified him!

The Science Museum though produced a completely different reaction - as soon as he got into the main hall with the cars and trains and planes, he was sooo excited! "Oooooooh!" and running everywhere and wanting to climb in them. So it's pretty clear already where his preferences lie.

On the way home a reminder of how easily accidents happen. I was carrying Matthew a little ahead of and alongside Tina pushing the pushchair. Our paths converged and I tripped over the front wheel of the pushchair and fell to the ground. Matthew landed on his back and then his head hit the road with a sickening bang. Terrifying - he screamed of course but luckily he appeared unharmed.

Off to Bournenmouth later today to meet David and Geraldine and Jules. Must do another post to chat about Tina's chess playing and drumming!