Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Yikes, first ever public blog post and I've got writer's block! Big blank screen to fill, but with what and why and most of all for whom? Aren't there enough idiots whittering away in cyberspace already without me adding to the noise? Part of me thinks I'd quite like to have some kind of record of my thoughts, it might be of some kind of vague interest to my kids. When my father died he left no trace other than our fading memories. We've recently been researching our family tree and interesting though it is, you're still left with the thought "I know nothing whatsoever about these people other than when they were born, married, had kids and died".

But another part of me thinks maybe that's how it should be. If we keep recording stuff about the past then sooner or later we're going to need a new planet just to store all the data!


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